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Bedroom Rub-a-Dub Web Site

When I'm not gigging or drooling
in my ever evolving spaceship,
The Bedroom (right), or wasting time
on some net somewhere, or just being the
archetypal couch potato, you might find
me here (left), 176 steps from home.

Its' a very friendly, but small, 24-track analog studio (and record company), slowly being updated. They've got some hi-class outboard gear, though! And more and more weird old outboard gear! And more and more old analogue synths!

At Rub-a-Dub I've mostly worked as producer/programmer/editor. Since 1989 more often than not together with Tom Hofwander, Sweden's most experienced reggae engineer. Both in the studio and live. Just take a look at him, and U 2 will know why... We've done lots of records now, mostly in a vaguely world music oriented vein. Some very successful, some very not...
For five years I also did their mastering.

There's a new record of my own...

Parallel to my normal activities, it's been theaaater for almost thirteen years.

Here is some stuff about Tre Vräk med Ewert.

In the summer of 2003 there was light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for that, SB!

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