December 1997


Paul Simon: Songs from The Capeman

Paul Simon
Songs from The Capeman
Warner Bros 9362-46814-2

On his first album for six years, Paul Simon returns to his teens. Does the salsa and sings doo wop to his heart's content.

13 songs from the Broadway musical, written by
Mr Simon with Nobel prize winner, poet
Derek Walcott.

And the subject matter is worthy of a serious take,
I guess.

Gang violence and murder was as much a reality
in 1959 as it is today.

Now, I don't listen to lyrics that much, I'm more of
an overall feeling listener.

If you know what I mean.

And as I've always loved doo wop and have a
sweet spot for early, cool salsa, I feel
right at home here.


Simon & Garfunkel: Old Friends

Simon & Garfunkel
Old Friends
Columbia C3K 64780

Timelessness in a 3-CD box.

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