January 1997


Afro Celt Sound System
Volume 1 Sound Magic
Real World CDRW61

Cool calm and collected.

Uillean pipes side by side with drum loops. Celtic harp side by side with talking drums.

Ancient voices from the highest mountains magically interact with the heart of the modern keyboards.

The concept is not new, of course, but these wonderful people make it sound so fresh!

Maybe this also marks a fresh restart for Real World Records. The label has been much too ethno-chic for my taste from Day 1.

But the Afro Celt Sound System and friends surely makes the north and the south come together in a most appealing way.

Sort of ambient with a purpose, if you know what I mean...

Repeat warning issued!


Jan Johansson
Folkvisor - Jazz på svenska/Jazz på ryska
Heptagon HECD-000

Cool calm and collected.

Swedish pianist Jan Johansson was taken away much too early from this world when he was killed in a car crash in 1968.

But he did make some very fine recordings before that, thank WhoEver...

Folkvisor is a CD with two of his LPs, of which Jazz på Svenska must be counted as a true classic.

Recorded on three occasions 1962-64 and accompanied only by Georg Riedel on double bass, Jan Johansson plays (in every sense of the word) his way through and around some old Swedish folk songs.

Some great improvisations and lots of warmth and fun was captured by Olle Swembel, legendary Swedish recording engineer and the origin of many a fantastic studio tale...

Yes, Jazz på svenska is a record that's always made me happy, in a sort of melancholy way. And I'm quite sure it will keep that charm for a long time to come.

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