March 1999



Beaucoup Fish
JBO 1006432

At first, I couldn't pin down why I like this record.

It sounded familiar, in a pleasant way.

Maybe even a bit old?

Then it dawned upon me.

The Can-esque groove!
The beat that never stops!

Good things are timeless.
So are good influences.

The impact of those early 70's Krauts
doesn't seem to diminish.

Push Upstairs or Push Downstairs,
I don't mind.


Shorty The Pimp

Don Julian & The Larks
Shorty The Pimp
Southend Records CDEWD 122

With Blaxploitation all the rage again,
it's no wonder we even get soundtracks from films
that never were released.

It's rumoured, though, that Quentin Tarantino
has the rough cut...

However, we now all can have the music.

Recorded in 1973, with Don Julian & The Larks as lounge band The Blue Flamingos, it's a mixture of originals and les hits de jour.

It's warm, it's fun, it's great!

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