(This poster is a collaboration with Mumin)

Ulf Dageby, acoustic guitar, vox
Zilverzurfarn, electric guitar, vox
Stig Vig, bass, vox
Ewert, riddim (not in picture)

This strange trio did about 10 gigs in 1988, and was originally Ulf Dageby's idea.
He had booked three solo gigs on a small cruise boat here in Stockholm and one really drunken night
in Göteborg came up with this thing. I immediately said 'yes', on the premise that I would be
allowed to perform My Way. I still haven't done that, so I guess we'll have to do some more shows eventually.

We picked up the thread in May, 1998, and for a while had a Master Plan!

Tre Vräk mostly play the music of Nationalteatern and Dag Vag.
16 gigs during 1998 gave 3 attendance records.
4 gigs during 1999 - with great audiences!

The group is currently in hold position.

Do you have a really interesting gig in mind? Send a mail!

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